Monika Thai, Creator of LOKmate


Lokmate Creator, Monika Thai

Monika Thai

Monika is a single working mom who developed LOKmate out of concern for her own safety and the safety of her daughter.  She enlisted the help of  family and friends, including some who have experience in product engineering and  fabrication as well as a security expert.

Once Monika developed some prototypes she got them into the hands of family and friends. Feedback has been enthusiastic to say the least.  But along the way they found many factors needed to be considered to make the product secure, easy to use and make it fit nearly every deadbolt design out there.

Monika and the LOKmate team have gone through hundreds of iterations over many years of prototyping to come to the right design!

Now Monika wants to share this invention to help keep other families and indvidual safe and secure. But to take it to the next level, Monika needs your help.  Please join Monika in getting this invention out to the world.