Black on Black

Introducing LOKmate

White on Satin Nickel

LOKmate is specially designed to protect your home, apartment or even hotel room, from unwanted intruders when you are or your family are present.

Many of us have experienced situations where even the strongest deadbolts are defenseless against unwanted entry. Such was the case for Monika Thai, a single mom who, with the assistance of family and friends, conceptualized and created LOKmate. Monika experienced the shock of how easily it was for someone to overcome her deadbolt lock and gain entry while the family was home.

Most deadbolt locks can easily be compromised by persons with additional keys, or illegal entry by professionals intent on picking or breaking the deadbolt. Most door chains can be easily dismantled and rendered useless and many door blockers are cumbersome contraptions that do not do the job. And there are even tools to help criminal defeat locks.  Widely available on the Internet, bump keys allow even non-professionals to vandalize and defeat 95% of the deadbolt locks available in today’s market, especially those locks used in multi-unit apartment and residential complexes.

Lokmate Creator, Monika ThaiLOKmate is a deadbolt reinforcement device that snaps easily onto most standard home deadbolts to prevent breaking, picking or otherwise tampering with the lock. It will even stop unexpected entry by people with additional keys, like a landlord, maintenance person or previous tenant!

After over two years of laborious design modifications and testing on most common deadbolt mechanisms, LOKmate is now ready for market and will be available in a variety of color combinations to suit most home décor.